Nissan Armada Starter issues?

Asked by Jun 19, 2015 at 02:09 PM about the 2004 Nissan Armada SE 4WD

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On occasion, I go to turn my Armada on and it all lights, radio, instruments, etc come on, but when I turn the key over, I just get a click, and nothing else.  Usually the second time it fires right up.  But the other night I must've turned the key 20 times before it started.  Is this the starter?  I have corroded battery terminals so I cleaned them and haven't had any more problems.  This happened a week ago.  This has been happening for over a year, but only once or twice a month.  The Armada has 260k miles on it.

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Make sure wires going to starter solenoid are nice and tight and starter bolts also.

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We are having the EXACT SAME issue with our 08 QX56. Did you ever get it resolved?

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Year me too!!! Please we need to know how it was fixed.


Hey everyone I had the exact same problem for some time Armada 2007 with lots of miles. one day at work it just didn't start at all. After about 40 times it started. I took it strait to the mechanic. Starter when bad. Your started is going bad slowly. Not sure if the solenoid or the starter or something. I will take it to the Mechanic and have it check the starter. I had exactly what you are having and after starter replacement, never again. problem solve.

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Thank you. I'm having the same problem with Armada 2008. I will replace the starter since above it says that was the solution and let you know if it completely solves that issue

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Ok I have a 05 armada sometimes it starts some times not.... I've replaced ignition switch no fix..... So I checked the wire that in the fuse box large white wire with red strip its the ignition wire that goes to starter silanoid had the wife turn the key.......... No power if I use a jumper wire and touch to positive on battery starts every time.... So I replaced the relay to starter no fix after allot of messing with it and frustration I just wired up a push button switch been two years no issues never found the real problem think it has to be wiring issue

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I have a 2011 Armada, I was having the same issues, I guess when I changed the battery, somehow the keyless remote stopped communicating with the engine, I think it has to be reprogrammed, anyway.. I used a jumper wire and started right up!! I ended up installing a push button switch and so far no issues at all.. thanks for the idea.

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Man! I hope you all read this before you do what I did!!! I could have fixed this for free. I had this problem on my 2005 Armada. I changed the battery, changed the IPDM (because it was the old one and that is where the ignition relay is), even tore apart the intake manifold and changed the starter. NO JOY! $600 in parts (not including labor because I did it myself). But i found the problem! Guess what it was? The ignition switch! Yeah the white piece of plastic behind the ignition cylinder. The starter pulls a lot of amps and arcs at the moment of contact. Over time the carbon builds up and actually impedes completion of the circuit. What to do... 1. Reach under and behind the knee kicker board. Remove the switch with a short #0 phillips. 2. Disassemble the switch with a flat head (watch for springs). 3. Whipe pieces clean and reapply dielectric grease and reassemble. You're welcome! (I have more photos to upload, but i am only upload one)

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Hello everyone, as I posted 9 months ago that replacing my started solve my problems, it is true to today. I haven’t had a single issue with this problem in 9 months. I know there may be other issues like the person with the switch problem. But taking your suv to the mechanic and have the starter tested is a great first step. My mada has 193000 miles 2007

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Jump Muffin, where exactly is that piece you took off and cleaned? Is it under the dashboard?


JumpMuffin was exactly correct, I was able to fix my 2005 Nissan Armada with his instructions see pics

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another pic

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CDAY73, how do you get to it?


My bad I should have taken a pic from under the dash. I'll try to do this from memory (i'm out of town or i would go and snap a pic), I had to position myself with my right shoulder just about under the brake pedal and looking straight up i cold maneuver to get the 2 screws with a short Phillips head screwdriver. i was able to see it just using kick panel light. FYI, I found the switch plus the housing on autozone site i'll copy their pic and post it. switch/201144_111686_11571

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So you unscrew this piece and remove wire harness? Little more info on removal and reinstall please as this is exactly my issue. I shake the key ignition switch while turning and car starts


Did you replace the switch with that duralast part or did you just clean with electric cleaner and smoother sandpaper??

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@Spain196 did you buy the push button from dealership? We are having the same issues with our 2011 Armada and they’re tells mg me it could be close to $5k to change out due to all the electrical stuff.

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Yes, I installed a push start button, I think its called a momentary push start button, 15 amps should be enough, the button only has to positive connections so dont worry about connecting wrong! Run 1 cable from your positive on your battery and another from your starter, I was able to run both of these cables from the engine compartment through the firewall, run them through the hood release cable opening, I used a metal coat hanger, tape and soap, took me about an hour or so. It starts right up with no problems at all, total investment about $15.. good luck!

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Pic of what the momentary push start button looks like


@Amyk05 This momentary push start button I bought it at Advanced Auto Parts, not at dealership... any parts store should carry it, it's really easy to install and will save u a headache if u dont have all that money to spend at dealership right now.. after u install it, u still have to turn your key switch like if u were going to start the vehicle and right after push the button.. Here is a video of how to install:

Hi, thx for all the helpful info. Where do I connect the push start button. One wire to battery positive i get that. But the second wire to Starter? The starter is under the plenum correct? How to jump wire first to check out if push button is needed. Thx

Just had this happen to me. It was the ignition switch. I was about to go and buy a starter, till I found out where it was positioned. That's when I started searching the web. Came across this thread. I took out the switch, cleaned it. After 2 trys the car started. I went ahead and purchased a new one just to be on the safe side.. Thanks JumpMuffin.

Here's another pic

RealQX56. Can you give us webpage from the website where you bought replacement part? I’d like to try what you did. Thank you! Sal


This is how you remove the switch. It is a newer model frontier but the procedure and location of the component is the same as many other models!


I've seen many ignition switches like ReelQX56's by doing a simple google search..."04 Titan Ignition switch" they range in price from $11 to $95...fitment is critical ...


I have a 2004 Nissan titan, 107k miles. This is what mine is doing: g 00:17 .... "click ...twang" I have begun trouble shooting because I dont just throw parts at stuff. I started with routine maintenance and checks: Battery is new,correct form factor and cranking amps, terminals clean, load tested good. Checked battery ground..put meter on it zero resistance...tested was old and shitty looking so I replaced it, cheap, easy, clean...routine maintenance -titan-battery-cables/? view=123456&offermpnid=28 66196722&gclid=CjwKCAiAuq HwBRAQEiwAD- zr3Zg9uPyrTj9hhPCS8BpdfFz 7Bg4wYMC1vtqAuS53X_VB05 XqP5vkoxoCbc4QAvD_BwE Next I pulled the is the latest module.... Checked all relays , all fuses, the imfamous recalled ipdm relay , starter relay and ignition relay all tested good... I then opened the ipdm to look for bad traces and checked the board like this: The board was cracks, burns etc...I reasembled the ipdm and put it back in the truck. Next up I'll check the starter switch, pull inspect clean, like Realqx56. In case you missed it's how you pull it..its practically the same on most nissan models: That's it for now..I will update and keep posting until I resolve this...My truck picked "the wrong one" to do this to!


the one for a 2005 nissan armada can be found at autozone for around 100 bucks. switch-ls1461/201144_111686_11571


@tkstone67 not sure if you still need it but i found a replacement @ switch-ls1461/201144_111686_11571 i'll post a pic after thr new year of me replacing it.

04Titan, I couldn't open the youtube video but if it does loud click that is the solenoid on the starter then if it doesn't start the starter is shot, that was my case. I did long research and was confused what step to do. So I took the starter out tested, was bad, replaced it and know it runs like a champ. Hope this helps


Thanks Miro....I completed testing on the electrical side, hadn't gotten the chance to post ....I get a loud "Clank"....or "Twang" like the starter gear is hitting the flywheel, then nothing... sounds like a bell ringing...."clang" 107k me thinks for certain it's the starter ....I'll do it myself, do it right, do it once, then never do it again....Recommend a starter?...I'm going to go new , not risking a reman do to the complexity of the repair...

04Titan, I bought this starter , I got the used like new, ie=UTF8&psc=1 works great so far(1.5 moths), armada starts like on first or second turn! You need manifold gasket set, I didn't remove the carburetor so I got this one: and I followed these instructions: good luck and let me know if you have any questions


I cleaned the switch about 7-8 months ago and it started doing it again so I was able to replace it for about 100 bucks.


replacement part

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