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does anyone know what type of rims these are/where i can find 16inch ones?

What Is The Name Of These Rims

I'm trying to figure out what is the name of the rims, they are black with chrome lip, 5 lug universal 5x115. Thanks for any help.

What Is The Name Of These Rims

I'm trying to figure out what is the name of the rims, they are black with chrome lip, 5 lug universal 5x115. Thanks for any help.

97 Chevy Blazor

on my ninety seven Chevy blazer I have a check engine light from a quarter of a tank all the way to fool check engine light goes off when it is under a quarter tank of fuel when the light is on it ...

2014 Silverado A/c

I just bought my Chevrolet Silverado 1500, short bed 2 door... The A/C doesn’t work... fan turns on and everything, For some reason #42 (cool fan clutch) on the fuse box is pulled out. I have been ...

2002 Buick Regale Buttery Cables

My moms got was stolen by some tweekers they toke out the csbles now theres ony one red +cables coming out of the box going to + terminal and two black cables there hooked uo nothing. Some one csm...

Need Help

I blew the motor in my 2002 Ram 1500 5.9 Magnum. So i replaced the motor with the motor out of my 2000 Dodge Dakota 5.9 Magnum. The problem I'm having now is it will turn over and fire up but will...

Car Starts But Wont Stay On

Alright so my 96 Toyota Camry starts but doesn't stay on. And so I tried it the following day and it started up like nothing was wrong with it. So the day it happened I was sitting in the car for a...

Sunfire Motors

Just out of curiosity, I have an 05 Pontiac Sunfire and was wondering if I should stay with the 2.2L four cylinder or put in a v6 motor? I'm wondering which would have better fuel mileage and hold...

Engine Swap

I have a 89 Caprice 4.3 and I’ve been wanting to swap it out with a bigger engine, but I don’t know what type of engine I can put in it.. any help?

Rapid Vibration When Breaking

We're hoping, someone could help us out.. My car "Shakes" Rapidly when Braking .. "2009 Toyota LE" we have replaced Brake Calliper, Bearings, Struts, Rotors, Rear Drums and Shoes .. and stiil "Shak...

Blazer Won't Start

I have a 2000 Blazer ZR-2. With its age, and how thoroughly the last owners beat it up, it has some...special qualities. One of them being that the ignition doesn't automatically pop into the On posit...

Transmission Replacement

Would like to upgrade from the 3 speed transmission in a 1952 L110. Any idea on what would be a good replacement?

Cigarette Lighter Removal

How do you remove the cigarette lighter? Candy got in there and melted so I need to remove to clean it

Keyless Entry On A 2005 Ford Explorer

Will the keyless entry cause my vehicle 2 make the headlights and radio and stuff come on and off until eventually running battery down and how can I fix this can I just take the battery out of the...

Car Occasionally Takes A Few Seconds To Go At Stop Lights And Won't Shift O...

My girlfriend's car has 135k miles on it and its CEL on. I've had a friend come out with his dad's Engine Scanner to read the CEL's and it popped out 12 codes: P0102, P0128, P0315, P0496, P0641, P07...

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