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I have a 94 s10 an the issue is it will flood
itself when trying to start without touching
pedal.already changed regulator so I'm
stuck please help

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Just changing the fuel regulator just doesn't work. You have to change the whole spider injection assembly. People do not doing this because it cost around $360 for the injector assembly. But you would not have to tare everything apart again, and be stranded.

So injectors bad? That y flooding when starting? An not touching pedal


I may be talking out of my ass. Is this a TBI or a Multi Port Fuel Injection?

I'm not sure


Is there a round air cleaner on it that is secured by a wing nut? Looks like a carburetor?

Yea round air filter two wing nutshold it size of a dinner plate


. The fuel regulator is in the top of the throttle body? By 2 fuel injectors? Or was it in the gas line? And can we pick this up in the AM, ben on here all day. I'm on by 6:00



Good morning, was getting a bit tiered. So, I'm just trying to figure out what kind of fuel delivery system you have. I don't know if you can do this but can you take a picture of the top of the motor, with the air cleaner off? There are two different types that could be on there, and it makes a difference in diagnosis. I want to know what the location of the fuel regulator is at when, you changed it. In the TBI or in a fuel rail or gas line. This will tell me what kind of fuel delivery system you have going on.


If you have a TBI, Throttle Body Injection, have someone trying to start it as you watch the 2 fuel injectors in the TBI. They should be spraying a nice cone shape mist, No Drips At All.

Yes it's is a t b I swapped out injectors with a parts truck that lol older runs but like crap. So I figure just by New injectors?


What were the injectors out of that you put in. Where you able to look at the injectors when it was running to see what the spray looked like? Watch when someone turns the truck on to see if the injectors are dumping fuel into the intake. I need to know these things.

My dad said when fuel sprays its a nice mist injectors came out of an older s10 it runs but goes through gas bad. Don't no if I should get new injectors or just say f it an get New t b i


What make you think it is flooding out? I looked up injectors back to 1990 and they are the same as the 1994. I nice cone shape spray is perfect. And you said you rebuilt the fuel regulator in the TBI? Has the fuel pressure ben checked yet? It should be 9 to 13 lbs.

Dad said he pit a new regulator on it. He said flooding out. Gas going somewhere went through half tank of fuel an barley went 30 miles. We got it to start after changed out spark plugs but still acting up.I was gonna either get New injectors or the hole tbi


Your not helping me help you. I don't know what to say. I have no clue whats going on since I am not there. I am use to diagnosing the problems, not throw money at it. So far I do not see a problem with the injectors. You say a nice cone shape miss spray with no drops of fuel dripping out of them. You cant tell me where the fuel regulator is, on that one you do not put a fuel regulator on it. It is in the TBI and would have to be rebuilt. So I don't know.

Sorry my dad the one who messed with it guess I will continue the guessing game


I see, you can still ask me questions then, I know when someone is hard headed their focused on what they think. I'm just trying to help. I know Chevys, have you checked out my garage here on this sight?

Sorry not trying to be bull headed most time I work on cars my dad there talkin the lingo wile I take apart the parts. Sorry hard to explain my truck. So when you driven when it does act up it sputters like it gonna die then it goes I thought philter but like I said goes through gas fast


Not you being bull headed, your dad. Has the EGR and system ben looked at? And I sure would like to eliminate the fuel delivery system, thus I keep asking about the fuel regulator. It is in the TBI and I want to know if it was rebuilt. Also did you guys try and retrieve the trouble codes? I can let you know how.

All he meant with was the t b I he said he replaced the regulator. No didn't mess with egr


Ok, but I do not think it is flooding out. The EGR Valve...does it have electrical wire plugin on it or is there just a vacuum line hooked to it?

Vacuum line goes to It


The EGR Valve gets plugged with carbon and can get stuck open. This would make the engine run like shxt, sputter and hard starting. If you have a vacuum pump put it on the EGR and see if it pulls the diaphragm. Clean as much carbon out of the EGR as you can and also the port it covers. If the EGR does not close all the way it is letting in Co2 into the combustion chamber starving the air fuel mixture of oxygen, thus causing your bad gas mileage.

Ok so take of the egr an clean it??


Good morning Wesley... Yes. Make sure the stem moves, the diaphragm is good. The older EGR Valves you were able to get your fingers underneath from the top of it and depress the diaphragm and put your finger over the hole where the vacuum line runs to and see if the stem/diaphragm stayed in place. If it did, then it was good. I see there is no room to do this on yours. So you would have to take it off and press on the stem in the center, push it all the way up, (this is where you want to clean where it seats) and put you finger over the vacuum line hole. It is a tough spring and the stem will come down about half the distance but the diaphragm should hold the stem up from the seat. If it does it is good. Also get as much carbon out of that port as possible, I've seen them where it is totally plugged up.

Ok......well I will start by taking it off lol then try that

So I changed the egr an some sensors still nitten

U got a face book mite be easier for us talk that way


I am not on face book, I do not like to post my business so strangers can read. Have you guys checked for vacuum leaks? This thing must be running rich.

Yea when I went to get a part autzone said check compression.

Ware u located?


It wouldn't hurt.


U.P. in Michigan.

Oh I'm in mo lol


Montana? Thank for the weather. All are snow was gone, unusual for Feb. but yesterday we got 10" of snow again.

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