2018 Ford Edge transmission problem?


Asked by bettypearce Sep 12, 2018 at 08:30 PM about the 2018 Ford Edge SEL AWD

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Bought new 2018 ford edge that now has 3000 miles on it. Started acting up. I would go to increase speed to pass a vehicle and it would just not change gears, stalling. Afterwards would drive okay but changing gears appeared sluggish. The passing gear problem happened several times before I carried it back to Dealership. They kept the car for two weeks before saying that there was a tiny pin whole in oil filter causing a small leak  of oil that had ended up causing the problem. But, there never were any codes sent to show a problem. I told them I did not feel comfortable with their explanation and the car only had 3,000 miles on it. They told my the reason there had been no codes was because the car had still been in a safe zone and that this was a new feature with the transmission that had caused the problem. Wait, if the car was still in a safe zone, wold there be a problem and no codes? I told them I'd like to see about switching to another vehicle. They said they checked with Ford and since they gave the explanation like this to them, it was a no go and they were not going to be taking care of me as far as another vehicle. Have you ever heard of something like this?

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Not all problems set a code. You are not going to get another car over this issue.

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I have a 2017 Edge with an intermittent powertrain fault which shows on the dash as an alarm when I accelerate on an incline at about 60mph It has occurred in other circumstances too, it will be on on its 3rd trip to the dealer soon, it's not looking good for a solution so far has anyone come across this problem ?

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I wish I have read all the review about Ford Edge problem before I bought the car. I just bought brand new Ford Edge Titanium 2018 in 08/24/18. Now I have only 2200 miles on it. It has been slow accelerating from day one. Then I started having the hick up when turning right. I couldn't accelerate while turning , it will get a hick up. i took the car the dealership, they recommend me to drive in Sport mode. Sport mode seems to respond and accelerate quicker but it also did the hick up. I have been aware that the car could not accelerate while turning so it was so unsafe to turn into the main road when the road was not totally clear. My son and I were in the car while I turn and the car coming from half a mile away while I turn, he didn't expect that my car would take so long to turn so he almost crash into our car, luckily there was no car coming on the other side of street so he managed to pass us. Nothing I could do at the moment. I also had a problem one time while sitting a bit incline in the middle lane waiting to turn left into a street. The car didn't respond. Basically it was acting like in the idle mode even I was in driving gear. I push the gas peddle, the engine raved up but the car won't move!! I had to switch gear back and forth to sport the park mode then a minute later it responded. Something is really wrong with this car. I am not happy at all. I finally took it to the dealership this morning. The service guy seems to be not surprise at all after he heard my story. Obviously Ford knew very well about the problem. They still have not issue any recall on this. They also block their FordEdgeforum website so more people can post about Ford Edge problem. This is going to be ugly. I hate to see anyone get hurt because of Ford Edge problem here.

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Yes, it will end up in a recall but not until after many will be having to argue with their blood pressure rising, up to the point of someone even being harmed in traffic's way, Just like I could have been hit head on trying to pass a vehicle and the car wasn't responding. Paying this much for a vehicle and having to deal with this is just wrong.

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Glad to read this before I buy one. Thanks

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Tisa, I have been having the exact same issue. It has been hard to describe to the mechanics and they cant seem to replicate it. My car is with the dealership now and they don't even know when they can get to it. They have no loaners so I am without a car. :(

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My 2018 Edge has the same problem with delay shifting. After I had it for a month I took it back to the dealer. After they had it for a day they told me that there was nothing wrong with the transmission. This problem has been written about in Consumers Report as well. Rudy

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Have 2018 edge titanium, 5,000 miles. So many problems that we didn’t have on our 2010, which we loved for its drivability and handling on snow and ice. The 18 edge feels very unstable in these conditions. Something is different with either the traction control, transmission (excessive shifting of middle gears which is very noticeable and unnerving on slick roads), or some other part of the driving/safety technology. On bare pavement it moves around ever so slightly as though you had tires with 15 lbs of air, forcing you to pay attention to steering. The 2010 tracked beautifully. Got stuck on flat ground with level 4 inches of snow! 2010 would plow through 6 inches easily. Many other issues as well; auto dimming headlights (multiple issues), auto wipers, one keypad won’t remote start, voice command navigation sucks, foot lift rear tailgate rarely works (no matter how I do it) and to top it off, ride and quietness (road and wind noise) is not appreciably better than the 2010 and mileage with the 4 cylinder is only 1.5-2 mpg better than my 6 cylinder 10. My wife has gotten a little scared to drive this new one and we will be trading as soon as we can afford it..Maybe the new Honda Passport, a Suburu or a Hyundai.

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Ford ended up having to give me a new transmission. It was still under warranty thank goodness. I will Trade it for another brand when I can aford to. No more Ford’s for me.

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im so glad im not the only one where the dealer isn't interested! think its a common problem that fault codes are not being registered. my Edge has been in the dealer 9 times in the first year for issues, which i have had to prove with photos and videos, but as its not registered a CEL or fault code there apparently is "no issue" even after sending the video of the car doing a full electrical reset whilst driving at night!

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My 2016 Edge problems seem minor. Had a lot of warrenty work carried out Sunroof striped out and rebuilt with new runners and motor. New steering wheel. New air con compressor. New battery. The new battery was ment to resolve an issue of the front heated screen not working. This did not and still is an issue. Apprantly the battery need to have a charge of 85% forvthe screen to work. However this is not particel in in winter driving conditions. Even opening the bonnet can drop the battery charge by 2% ( found out by my dealer) This makes the heated screen as useful as a chocolate tea pot. Ford will not help as they say the screen is performing to spec. Also have had issues with the auto box snatching when going from reverse to forward when car very cold in the morning going up hill to a point we’re the car has stalled several times. Due to Ford not being able to replicate this even though they have been shown video evidence of the car doing this they won’t investigate further. This will be my 1st Ford and most probably my last. For a car costing me over 32k (almost new) it not what I would expect.

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2018 Edge sport, Vibration when going up an incline at around 48 mph, seems like it is in the wrong gear, been back to the dealers 3 times now only 5000 miles, constant engine oil warning light coming on, metalic clunk from drivers side foot well when going over bumps or turning, the last time the dealers told me there was nothing wrong with it and they could get a spotty faced technician to come out for a drive and reassure me, cheeky bstards, going into another ford dealer for a second opionon next week will let u know what they say oh and there is also a rattle like an old sewing machine from the engine when warm, bit like old tappet noise anyone else get this?

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Just took back my 2015 ford escape titanium after 4 years, never had any issues and leased a 2019 ford edge titanium a month ago. First, it felt amazing! Beautiful, smooth, quiet, big! Then, interesting thing that happened a couple of times is having a different door chime when i turn on the vehicle which cause all my other sensors have different sounds. So weird!! But i figured, its not a safety issue, so i won't bother with it. However, now I noticed a much more serious issue, which when i decelerate and a gear shift into 1 ( I think) it breaks for a millisecond and then it shifts. I also felt a couple of times that the transmission slipped and made a jump feel. I am taking it in to the dealership tomorrow, but i am so worried that I leased a "lemon".

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I purchased a 2019 Edge ST and it's already been to the dealership twice. Neither of which they have confirmed anything (on paper). My transmission gets to 3rd gear then comes out of gear, continuing to rev, before finally kicking over to 4th gear after a couple of seconds. Same gear, every time. First time I took it in, they said the tech couldn't duplicate it, so I took him for a drive. He saw what it was doing but because his little laptop didn't show anything, he wrote on the work order he couldn't confirm the issue. They cleared the adaptive learning it apparently has and all was fine for a couple of weeks. Then, same gear, same issue. Took it back. Same response - can't confirm and it's not throwing a code soooo...here I sit.

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Yes, mine had no codes whatsoever. Ford is in big trouble with all its current recalls. They will put off the recalls on the transmissions for as long as they can. I would have more respect and loss of trust if they would just say, yes, yours has the problem we are aware of and we will make sure it is taken care of. Those buying used with 12,000 miles are more are usually over the problem with the tested driving. I wish you good luck.

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The biggest problem is the lack of fault codes.. I am currently going through a process with the ombudsman (2015 consumer rights act in the UK) and the process included an independent inspection. The inspection threw up a number of error codes and issues that ford can’t detect! But as most people have said. No error code means no issue!

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I have had many issues with my 2019 Ford Edge, the main issue being: ESC needs urgent servicing(as if there is slippery oil on the road) It has stopped whilst driving with the same ESC sign coming up The Gears feel really tight at times and my break has been rock hard at points , so have needed to switch off the car- keep it in Park and restart the car. In the first 12,000 kilometres it was shaking and made me so nervous driving my 2 kids in the car. Luckily I took an extended warranty, it is currently in service for the last 10 days and they still cant find whats wrong. They have totally changed 2 of the main system parts and am due to get an update tomorrow. I am really considering asking for a refund or replacement, my worry is will I have the same problems with another Ford Edge. Extremely dissapointed and nervous with this car.

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le problème reste identique je suis taxi il mont changer le véhicule et c'est pire


Yes my 2017 edge shifts like a 48 Desoto or Buick hydromatic very sluggish.

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I bought a 2016 Ford Edge and it has been nothing but a problem and Ford refuses to help with anything. The seals on the doors leaked and the carpet had to be replaced, the back glass broke with no explanation but it may have been the defroster which I looked up on my own, I had to pay out of pocket for a new back glass. The electrical malfunctions constantly, and I have a problem with acceleration (fixed once already) that I am now going to have to pay for out of pocket because ford refused to touch it a second time and now the warranty just went over. This vehicle has been a nightmare. I have taken this vehicle in several times for the same issues which I was able to show them but it seems that they forgot to document any of it. NOTHING BUT A PROBLEM. NOT A RELIABLE CAR OR CAR COMPANY......

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After suffering for 2 years with all the edge problems I gave up and got rid of buying a BMW X3 3.0d what a difference a car that has given me no trouble so far. Not as big or looks as good as the edge, but so much moe economical and very quick when needs to be.

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I know that this might seem like a stupid question but, has anyone tried making sure that there was adequate transmission fluid? I worked as a transmission specialist for 27 years. I'm long since retired but, sometimes you can get an air bubble that prevents it from being fully filled up, especially in new cars. I've seen it happen before. Check valves in the valve body can also cause this. Very difficult to diagnose. Requires LOTS of patience. PS, The same thing can happen to the cooling system. An air bubble will develop in the engine block somewhere, and the car will overheat and drive you crazy. I found this out after replacing all the hoses, drive belts, thermostat, water pump and radiator. Service manager wanted to kill me, but once I figured it out then things were fine. Worst part was having to switch all those parts back for free. No commission. Good times :)

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I bought a 2017 Ford Edge just about 33 days ago , I still under warranty but sadly I have now transmission problems as described by many others here , I can not tell you how dissatisfied I am with this, I am going tomorrow to take to the dealership where I got it , reading all this testimonies tells me the problems ahead of me , I always had Honda’s but we liked this car , this issue should be a total ford recall wish me luck every one thank you

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DONT BUY AN EDGE OR KUGA WITH AUTO BOX. I had an 2016 Edge Titanium Sport (210bhp) brought at 6 months old with 3k on the clock. This car was plague by faults. Needed sunroof taken out and rebuilt new stirring wheel new air con compressor Heated screen never worked when needed (one of the reason for buying the car). Rear hatch closing problems (could pop open when going over a seed hump at slow speed) Gear box issue (could stall when cold) AFTER 18MOTHS OF DENAIL BY FORD UK (Ford USA know there is an issue) THERE WAS A GEARBOX PROBLEM LOST THE WILL TO LIVE WITH CAR ANYMORE. As the car was coming up for 3 years old decided as no more warranty so PX it for a 2016 X3 F25 BMW 3ltr with 45K on the clock (edge had 21k when PXed. Wished I had purchased the BMW originally as no issues at all after 3 month of ownership. As for Spec the BMW has more (even HUD) only thing I miss is the comfort opening, but can have that retrofitted for £1K. MPG is about the same round town and so much quicker if it needs to be, but tend to keep it in ECO Pro mode @ around 35mpg around town. The edge was almost as bad as my old Zafira. Ford along with Vauxhall is a brand I will not purchase again.


I’ve had a formal complaint ongoing with Ford UK for 18 months now and they have not responded apart from acknowledging my complaint at the beginning. In the UK we have an ombudsman service which are supposed to be an impartial party to help settle disputes. Unfortunately I’ve had a case open with them for 11 months and still isn’t settled. For some reason they feel this is an isolated issue..! I would recommend all uk owners to report the complaint to the ombudsman. Hopefully we can collectively build a case against Ford and force them to take action. After all, these are supposed red d to be their high end vehicles which aren’t cheap!; t he y aren’t a 10 year old fiesta!


I bought a 2018 Ford Edge in July 2018. Biggest mistake of my life! I have had problems with it from day one! My problem is that the car shuts down completely randomly WHILE I am driving. It happens quite frequently! Do you know how terrifying it is to be going 75 mph on the highway and your car just shuts down? Of course, it throws no codes. It has been inspected by the field service engineers twice, as we have been going through arbitration with the Better Business Bureau. We reconvene on Dec. 3 and I hope I can get rid of this terrifyingly dangerous car. I will never deal with Ford again! The lady from Ford actually told me "We don't deal with what ifs" when I asked her how Ford was going to compensate my family when the car finally kills me. Great company.

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We bought a 2018 Edge Titanium in July of 2019. Car had 39K miles, but it was within our price range. It is also the fourth Edge we've owned. We previously owned an '08, '11 and '13 before this one and never had an issue, so we felt relatively confident purchasing another one. My wife called me from a doctor appointment recently to say the car wouldn't move and it seemed like something was wrong with the transmission. I went to pick her up and we had the car towed to the Ford Dealership where we bought it. A few days later our service rep called to say a piston of some sort had let go in the transmission and needed to be replaced. Never heard of such a thing, but OK. The car now has 42K on it and it doesn't seem right we should have a problem of this sort. (Thankful for a 60K drive train warranty.) We pressed our service guy for a time frame and he took us to the shop to show us what he was dealing with. There was our car, on a lift with almost the entire undercarriage laying on the floor. This is what needs to be done just to access the transmission, which was now on a bench in a million pieces. We tried to find out how long it would take and they said they weren't sure because the part had been ordered, but couldn't say when they might get it. The Service Manager did say it would take three days to put the car back together after receiving the part. This conversation happened one week after having the car towed. Meanwhile, the car occupies a bay and a lift until the problem is fixed. I am sure the dealership wants the car out of there as much as we do and we actually came away feeling bad for them. (Crazy, I know.) We like the dealership and and the people there. My only complaint is they denied knowing about what seems to be a slew of transmission problems, but I am sure they have to answer to a higher authority and need to protect their jobs. Ford, however, is another story and this will very likely be our last Edge.

Thank you all for your feedback on the Ford Edge transmission issues. I was looking for a replacement for my wife's car and she seemed to like the Ford Edge, but after all of these transmission issues I am ruling the Ford edge is now NOT going to be considered at all. Sorry, a reliable and safe car for my wife is key and failure to go and shift down or accelerate while turning is life threatening and not safe. Thank you for sharing no Ford Edge in my garage this is not a safe vehicle.

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