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Asked by F_O_R Nov 03, 2015 at 09:55 PM about the 2015 Cadillac SRX Performance AWD

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How do you owners of SRX all wheel drive,V6 models like your cars? How is
the mileage and have you had many problems?

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How does the AWD work in the snow?

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Pick up the December issue of Consumers Reports, here's the reader's digest version, it didn't fare well.

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By the way, the top car for snow was the Subaru Outback. I know that you're down on Subaru. All I can say is that the Outback is a lot nicer car than the Forrester, isn't that what you have? The Outback was built in Lafayette, Indiana, not Japan. Another person on the forum told me that the quality control from Subaru, Indiana is far superior to the cars produced in Japan now.


There is no substantive difference between the Forester and the Outback. It is just a matter of body style as they share the same drive train. I drove a SRX for several days and I can say it is 10x the car compared to a Subaru. Can't speak to durability or anything else as it was a brand new car.


By the way, a featured highlight of the issue is the truth about all wheel drive. Very interesting.


Full_of_Regrets- sorry to inform you of this, but, that's just not accurate. The Subaru Outback has a tow capacity of 2,700 pounds with the 2.5 Four vs. the Forrester model tow capacity of only 1,500 pounds. It has different dynamics and weight distribution which is why it can outperform the Forrester. The Forrester is more truck like, has more noise, vibration and harshness than the Outback. The Outback has a lower center of gravity and offers the available 3.6 H6 engine. Interestingly enough though the 3.6 H6 engine only has an additional tow capacity of 300 pounds making its limit at 3,000 pounds. Also, the Outback is built on the Legacy chassis unlike the Forrester which is built on the Imprezza chassis, so, my friend, there a world of difference between these two vehicles. Sorry. Look all that up if you don't believe me.


I have a friend who recently purchased a Cadillac SRX. He likes it, but, discovered a few things that bothers him. There's a real blind spot with the enormous roof pillars in the front windshield. The controls are very confusing. You cannot easily see the front end while driving and the fuel-efficiency is not great. If you're going to compare the SRX to your Forrester, that's not a fair comparison. I think you need to drive the Outback for a fairer evaluation.


Also, be prepared to spend more than $40,000 for an SRX. For that kind of money, you could have everything on the Outback including the Eye Sight technology which will automatically stop the car in an emergency. Your choice.


By the way, I did an incredible amount of research before I purchased my Subaru Outback. My primary goal was to get a car to effectively tow my teardrop trailer and be a solid vehicle. I know from an earlier exchange with you that you thought I worked for Subaru. The truth is, I'm retired, and I'm very discriminating about the cars I purchase and normally keep them for 10 to 15 years. So, I'm very careful about how I spend money. It's incredibly expensive to acquire a vehicle, then turn it around, you can't save money that way. My best advice to you is, work something out and keep your car. The Subaru Outback was number one in the report for snow, but, the Forester was definitely near the top. In fact, I think there were a couple of Subaru models including the Crostrek. I don't live in snow country, but, it's nice to know that my Outback is capable if I were to go to the local mountains. Best of luck to you.


I have never worked for any car company, I was in higher education.


I have a 2012 SRX Performance Model with 29,000 miles and have had few issues with the car. On a recent trip from NJ to NC I got 25+ mpg. On normal city/highway driving it gets around 20mpg. Have had few issues with the SRX and would purchase another one. Perhaps I would wait until the second year of the new model coming out in 2016 that replaces the SRX. I do not have the Cue system in my vehicle so cannot talk to those issues that I have seen on numerous forums.

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I think this attachment speaks for itself.

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The Outbacks seem to have just as many problems as the Forester when it comes to oil consumption. The electronic controls in the SRX are a weak point but not being someone obsessed with gadgetry it does not matter much to me. As far as a fair comparison I am not looking for fair but for the better car. Subaru's oil burning cars are anything but fair to their customers. They have known about the issue for at least 5 years and still have not solved it unless the 16's somehow are fixed. I caught my dealer in lies concerning how many cars they have been replacing engines on! I think it is a lot more than Subaru is letting on to.


Markw1952, all I can report to is my vehicle. No issues to date. Maybe I should play the lottery! Have a nice day.

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Full_of_Regrets- My 2010 Subaru Outback Limited does not burn excessive oil, only about one quart or less every 5,000 miles. I have the EJ25 Series 2 engine with the SOHC. I'm afraid that the problems started with the FB series engine introduced first on the Forrester models in 2011 and then used for the first time on the 2013 Subaru Outback.


Witz74Bird- you know, it's hard to predict what a good car is. I had a 1995 Honda Accord EX station wagon, kept it for 19 years, purchased it brand new and went 150,000 miles, sold it for $ 3,000, working fine, original engine and transmission. Fast forward to the early and mid 2000s and whoa Honda Accord cars are falling apart and have all kinds of problems. You just never know for sure. Keep up the maintenance on your Cadillac SRX and good luck to you.


The root problem of the oil consumption issue on all cars is excessive government mandates for fuel economy which is causing auto manufacturers to go to extremes trying to eke out another 0.1 mpg by using 0-20 oil and low tension oil control rings. The government also mandates heavier cars due to safety regulations which is counter productive!


Subaru has 4 of the worst cars for oil consumption. too-much-oil.html/?a=viewall


The 2010 Outbacks have no relationship to the current model Mark so your experience although good has no relevance to the current models just like my good track record with my 2003 did not predict the current state of affairs with Subaru's.


The SRX is Cadillac's most popular vehicle. Many people like it and problems seem to be few. However, I live in Southern California and so I don't see too many AWDs.

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raysea, I'm in SoCal as well, so, no problem with snow (LOL ). As for the SRX, I've got a friend, he likes it, but, discovered a blind spot with the enormous roof pillars.


Full_of_Regrets, hey, did I miss something. I went over the list of the Thirsty 30 and didn't see the Subaru Outback Four? I saw the Subaru Outback H6. Tell me, am I wrong? You know, the Subaru Outback is built in Lafayette, Indiana, while the Forrester is built in Japan. I'm kinda surprised since I thought the H6 was not affected, but, it's on this list. Yes, I understand your concerns and point about pressure from the Federal Government standards. I definitely get that. And, yes, my 2010 has the older EJ25 Series 2 engine. And, it uses 5-30 oil, not 0-20.


Full_of_Regrets, I noticed that on another post you wrote that you were pleasantly surprised by the loaner car they provided you with the CVT transmission. Do you think that it might have worked better for you in the mountains? I never had any problems when I was driving in mountain areas.


I have a 2012 SRX performance AWD. Bought in April 2015. No engine problems. Handles very well. Lots of power when you hit the gas. Average for me in city only is about 15.5 mpg. My only problem is the sunroof leaked a lot of water under the trunk area. I think it may be a kinked drain driver side rear. I taped it all around with clear package tape. It is not covered under the warranty. What is with ALL the blah blah about Subaru? The question was about Cadillac SRX4!

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Avoid. Especially if you aren't into performing your own maintenance. Replacing a front turn indicator bulb is $250 at Cadillac and $100 at Jiffy Lube, or you can jack the car up, remove the front wheel, remove the inner fender shroud, remove the outer bulb box cover, replace the bulb, tape it into it's socket so it quits losing contact and put it all back together. Also the rear hatch will leak, the jack well fills with water and ruins the equipment and 3rd row headrests stored there. It also loves to drink Mobil One, I keep a case on hand always.


Andre, yes. It's a classic example of going to the dealer. I only consider taking my Subaru to the dealer for VERY limited service. I did take it in for a complete transmission fluid service, critical component, but, for everything else, I have a great independent mechanic. In the case of Cadillac, or Subaru, to a lower extent, they view you as a more of a cash cow, and charge exorbitant prices for their services. Why?? They can get it. Is it first rate? Normally is, but, you cannot believe everything they say. While I was at Subaru, they did a "complimentary inspection" on my car. They came back with a report saying that I should change all my hoses, serpentine belt, do a rear differential oil change, etc, all totalling more than $1,000. Remember, I went in for one specific item, change the transmission fluid, not asking for anything else. Well, once they reported all these other things, my independent mechanic, dismissed every one of them, even checking my differential fluid, telling me it was the cleanest fluid he's ever seen! And, I had documentation on the serpentine belt, etc. I later called the dealer and told them that they should be careful because I suspected that they might have dishonest mechanics in the garage and they probably don't want that. After all, you cannot necessarily blame the service advisor, they're just the front office. My point is this, you need to be very vigilant about getting your car serviced. My best advice, establish a relationship with your mechanic and bring all your work there. It will be a mutually beneficial arrangement, they'll give you the best service and you'll be a loyal customer.


Andre- one more thing, the guys at Jiffy Lube are not 100 % ! I had an old 1980 Honda Accord and brought my car in for some oil changes, pretty much for the convenience. I was in there once and they started an argument with me that I absolutely needed a transmission service. Why?? I had about 125,000 miles on the car and this guy just assumed it was necessary. What he didn't know is that I had the transmission REBUILT about 10,000 miles ago at 115,000. Don't believe what people say, and trust your own knowledge. Jiffy Lube is good in an emergency, but, if you can, take it to your regular garage. Sorry to hear that your SRX is drinking oil, but, it's a common story I'm hearing. There's a list of cars out there called the "Thirsty 30". Look that up.

Where do I begin......for starters, owning a Cadillac has always been a prominent status symbol but up until about 15 years ago it also stood for quality, craftsmanship, luxury, smooth ride, dependability and longevity. Now days.....not so much!!! I bought my wife a new 2016 SRX and the first thing I began to notice was the low beam headlamps were about as bright as a 60w incandescent bulb and dangerously inadequate for pitch black country road driving. Then when I bought a Xenon headlamp conversion kit, I discovered that in order to get to the headlight assemblies you had to remove the front passenger tire and wheel well flashing followed by the entire front bumper cover of the car!!! Ingenuity at its finest!!! Then I noticed that it was losing oil at an alarming rate but found no evidence of a leak so I guessed it had to burning it. When I consulted the dealership, their response was “It was completely normal for high performance engines to burn a little oil.” and then pretty much brushed me off. I mean it burned more oil than a Chevy Vega engine did back in the 1970s!!! And for a vehicle that comes equipped with all the bells and whistles that can even inform you when there’s ice on the road or show you a real-time average of your fuel consumption, it’s quite disturbing that the DIC lacks the ability to inform you that the engine is 2 quarts low on oil. SMH. And did I mention the entire electrical system is possessed by the devil??? Well, unfortunately it randomly manifests in that way....I could go on but I’m afraid it wouldn’t get any better, so buyer beware!!!

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