2014 Kia Optima won't start. All lights come in but car won't start.

Asked by Jan 20, 2017 at 12:24 AM about the 2014 Kia Optima SXL Turbo

Question type: Maintenance & Repair

My 2014 Kia Optima with a push bottom will not
start. All of the lights come in inside the car, the
radio works, and dash lights/indicators all work. Car
itself will not start.

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If ur security light is not on, check battery voltage, shiuld be minimum 12.4. Check battery cables for corrosion and to make sure they're tight


Does the dash flicker when you turn on the key? Do you hear any 'clicks' when turning the key? It could be a lot of reasons, from the electrical ignition switch under the steering wheel/column to a faulty starter motor. You have to take them step by step. First check the battery, fuses and the connections. Try banging the starter motor with a hammer or try starting it directly from the battery with a couple of sturdy wires, but have in mind to leave the car in Park and HAND BRAKE ON! Could put a couple of rock in front of the wheels...

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My car is doing the same thing!! It's random, I complained to the dealer before warranty ran out and they couldn't find anything! Before this my screen would go blank and not turn on. Now it does it a couple times a day, I have to jump it and it starts up! Battery is fine, fuses, and connections! HATE THIS CAR

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Turn the car on, press brake pedal, shift to drive, shift to park, press brake, press start button. This has worked for me a couple of times.

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@Guru9SKFX UR A LIFE SAVER !! I thought I was gonna have to have it towed

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OMG @ Guru9skfx. THIS WORKED! U SAVED ME A ‍♀️. What is wrong with the car when that happens? Annoying.

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The shifter trick just saved me on my 2014 SXL . Happened a few times before where it glitches momentarily but this time was shot. All other power accessories were working but just a click from the push button. Time to off this car

@Guru92JYZ You just got me out of 120° heat. What's wrong with this crap car??!!! I've taken it to the dealership AND 2 other mechanics and no one can find a problem.


My 2014 Kia Optima does the same thing, but it is random. The immobilization warning light comes on. When I wiggle the shifter, it starts every time. Only had the car a month, and it has done it at least 10 times. The dealer couldn't replicate the problem, and said that there were no error codes. I will ask for a new shifter assembly under the warranty if the problem continues.

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I just had the same problem today on my 2014 optima lx...have only had the car 6 months with 24,000 miles. Would not start for any thing until I tried the shifting trick. Anyone think it has anything to do with the engine recall?

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THANK YOU SO MUCH Guru9SKFX!!! What a life saver and money saver!!!

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Yes, this just saved me also...WOW, thank you!! Should I get a new car???


My 2012 is also having same problem. Can anyone say what is causing this to happen? I've tried all the recommendations, sometimes they work and sometimes they don't. Just randomly seems to start when and if it decides to?? So frustrating that the dealerships can't diagnose this apparently pretty common problem.

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My 2014 Kia Optima is having same problem. In screen is says battery discharge warning, but have replaced battery and key faun battery. It's still happening!


Did you try what Guru9SKFX suggested? It worked for several people. Turn the car on, press brake pedal, shift to drive, shift to park, press brake, press start button. This has worked for me a couple of times.

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I also have a 2014 Kia Optima LX and this morning I went out to my car to go to work and it would not start. This is the 2nd time this has happened after I had the motor replaced from the Kia recall. All lights would come on but it wouldn't start. I wiggled the gear shift a little and it started right up...I don't know how this isn't a recall yet. The only reason I got it started was from reading these posts!


Well went to the dealer and there was a code but no check engine. They asked if the Gear was showing on dash and I had made a video showing that it was showing as they said there was a known issue if P- R- D is not showing on the left. They have ordered a switch I believe related to the shift linkage. Under warranty and will see if this does the trick. Will follow up if does not repeat a couple weeks after repair being done next week,

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Mine turned out to be the inhibitor switch. So far so good, as it has started every time since this repair was made.


Was it covered under warranty?


This repair for my 2012 Optima was not covered under warranty.

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Is your car push start or key? Sorry for the questions. My Kia dealer hasn't been the nicest since I just had the new motor put in mine from the recall. My car never had this problem till they replaced the motor.

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Push button start.


A couple of things can cause this. The neutral safety switch, which is what the shifter trick attempts to fix and the brake pedal switch can also be faulty. The brake switch is pretty easy to identify though because if it goes bad you won't be able to shift out of Park. There was a recall on 2011 for the brake switch so that is not as likely to occur

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My 2010 Kia optima won't start after I used a hanger to open the door because I locked the keys in the car

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I've been having this problem and no one could figure out the cause. Then my gear shift started locking up. Got it over to the service center and the transmission sensor had gone bad. Apparently, they're seeing this a lot. Now the starting issue is fixed. Short answer: You need the transmission sensor replaced.


I took my car back to Kia after my 2014 Kia Optima would randomly not start. It all happened after they replaced the motor after the Kia recall. They ran a diagnostic test and everything came back good. They told me they went in and checked things and made sure it all was tightened good and no loose wires. Ever since my car has started every time.

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I’m starting to get real worried here. My 2014 Kia Optima just started this crap yesterday. It does the same thing everyone else is describing. If I continually press the start switch on, then off, then on it will eventually start. I’ve been carrying my booster with me in the car. If I put it on just seconds before I want to start it it pops right off. I leased this car and just recently purchased it. I swear that someone is able to start flipping switches somewhere with a computer to cause you problems. Just seems too coincidental that i haven’t had any issues with the car until I bought it and the warranty ran out. We are a one vehicle family so I can’t afford any runaround from Kia. I’ve dealt with their B.S. too much just from regular service. I can’t imagine what this is going to be like.

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It's most likely the inhibitor switch! Same issues with my 2014 kia optima


Is your car a key switch or push button? Also, if you don't mind telling...how much was it to replace the inhibitor switch?

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My 2012 is push button. Problem was the inhibitor switch. About $360 in Dallas.


Problem with my car was as I suspected. Battery was bad.

I had the same exact issue happen, what I did was pulled the ignition fuse to make sure that it wasn't blown and then put it back in and it started right up no problem.

It is related with brake. Car do not feel that you press the brake, that is why, can not start engine. There is device in car which response info about brake pressed or not. This device poluted and my car mechanic just clean it. You can also change it with new one.

I just started having a problem this morning with my 2014 optima. I push the button and it clicks rapidly like its a battery voltage issue but it reads 12.4 volts. ive even tried starting it with a charger on it. all of the connections are tight and not corroded at all. Could it be the starter relay?

I have a 2014 Sorento SXL and the problem started about a year ago. The vehicle has the problem sporadically. Sometimes it works for a few days and sometimes I have the problem two or three times in a day. I wiggle the shift lever etc as described in other posts. Eventually it starts. I have had it to the dealer three time and they replaced some parts (so they said) but it didn't improve the problem. It now has a little over 50k miles. I am going to take it in again. Other than that it is a great car.


I have 2013 kia forte key start. I often get I my car and it takes many trys to start it. I have to put the gas to the floor and turn the key. Sometimes it takes up to 5 trys

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I've had this same problem with my 2014 Kia Optima for over a year. Replaced the battery. Took it to the dealer and they replaced my engine due to recall. They said my battery was bad. Replaced battery at AutoZone since still under warranty on Sunday. Monday my car wouldn't start. I constantly have to take it in and out of gear and it finally starts. Why don't the dealers know this?

I have a 2013, it has a key though and not a start button. This morning when I unlocked it, it didnt want to unlock, then it finally did, but now it wont start. I drove my husbands truck to work, but I am wondering if the gear shift trick will work. All the lights come on and the dinger chimes when i turn the key on, but it will not crank over.


I have a key also. Mines a 2014, I turn the key over and all lights come on but it won’t start. Wiggle the gear shift and then try to turn it on. I’ve also been told to move the gear shift to neutral then back to park and try turning it on. Hope it works! Mines not done it again in a few months.

My 2014 Kia Optima just started this issue this week. I thought the battery was dying in my key fob, I changed it and it worked fine so I thought this fixed the issue. Here I am a couple of days later and it's at it again. Time for a trip the dealership. It's almost paid off too. So frustrating!

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