whats the difference between all the Lexus SC430?


Asked by Mar 25, 2013 at 11:49 PM about the 2002 Lexus SC 430 430 RWD

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ask someone who is intimately familiar~ http://www.lexus-global.com/? gclid=CODOyMe9mbYCFQ8GnQodEiMAhg

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The Second generation (Z40) SC430 ran from 2001–2010. Except for color combinations and alloy wheel style, there wasn't a lot of difference.

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...ahh, big yawn..~


In a 2012 Top Gear DVD special Top Gear: The Worst Car in the History of The World, The SC 430 was declared by Jeremy Clarkson and James May as the worst car in the history of the world. Both presenters cited the high price, poor exterior styling, terrible ride quality and lack of steering feel among other reasons for their decision.

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I know that the trunk can only hold a shoe box with the top down. I was considering buying one until I found out about the IS-F.

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Every post is true and correct. I have a 2002 and it's a great car for my hot girlfriend. She loves it and she looks great in it too. Plus.... You can pick up one (with low miles) for pennies on the dollar compared to the original price. She feels like a million bucks... Pretty good investment for me!

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Dear Top Gear, On a previous episode, the Lexus SC430 was labeled the worst car in history. Well… I own a Lexus SC430 and it could not be further from the truth. I purchased my Lexus SC430 used for about the price of a new Camry LE. I feel with a used SC you get a lot of car for your money. When you weigh in reliability and affordability you can’t go wrong with a Lexus…any Lexus… Especially one based on the bullet proof motor and transmission of the Lexus LS (It even has galvanized steel panels to prevent rust). The SC430 is basically an LS in a sporty shell. I feel when Top Gear deemed this car the worst car in history they really missed the mark because these cars are well built and will be on the road for well over three hundred thousand miles plus. It really could be on the road for over 20+ years with no major mechanical problems. That’s what you’re buying- dependability, reliability, safety. In contrast, a Mercedes or a Farrier might make it through the warranty period before the little annoying problems start. In contrast, with a SC you just get a truly reliable well-built automobile based on a sound luxury car. That is what the show missed… you know it’s not a Farrier or a 911. It’s a sporty luxury car…you know that when you buy it. This is my personal car and it has been a great car…the best car I have ever owned. I can’t change Top Gear’s opinion. But when the show’s writers own personal cars start having problems and the cost of ownership begins to burn a hole in their wallets. I will be cruising with the top down amazed at how great it is to be in a Lexus SC430. It’s not a Ferrari, its not supposed to be, it’s a luxury car that is sporty and I love mine….immensely.

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my beloved 2002 SC430 was just totalled by a huge wind hitting a huge tree, which fell on my best car ever. On the day my 3 year olde piece of drek benz warrantee was up I bought the 2002 off the showroom floor...Best car I ever had for 15 years. I searched for a full month for a 2010 replacement, VERY hard to find, but I found one a thousand miles away and I grabbed it! I await it's arrival in ATL just in time to put down the solid convertible top...I love this dependable robust timeless beauty...black and tan

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I have a Lexus 2004 SC430 that I purchased certified used off a lot in 2008, and I also absolutely love my car! It's been extremely dependable, with so many amenities that are not available in many other brands of luxury vehicles. I also agree that the Old Crew of The Top Gear made fools of themselves when they made their 2012 Special and called the Lexus SC430 the Worst Car in the history of the World. What idiots, I stopped watching the show after that special. Over my lifetime I have owned many types of vehicles, and I am the most impressed by what Lexus, Toyota has accomplished with the Lexus SC 430. Yes it's a street legal luxury "race" car, and it was designed after a similar Model Toyota Motors used as an award winning race car. I also happen to own an old 1969 convertible Chevrolet Camero RS/SS 350, and although I love this car dearly, my '04 SC 430 is such a pleasure to drive, especially when it starts to rain. I live on the West Coast of California, and it's truly enjoyable being able to drive around this incredibly beautiful state in a convertible car. When I'm driving my SC 430 and it starts to rain, all I need to do is place the transmission in Park, and 30 seconds later my convertible top is up, and I'm back on the road. Yes, I have timed it. My Chevy, well the convertible top is original and stubborn, and it takes about fifteen minutes or so to get everything unsnapped, and the top pulled up and secured, and locked in place with the windshield, and then all the windows need to be rolled up, and all the gear stowed into the trunk before we are back on the road. The Lexus SC 430 was a classically designed luxury sports car that had been built to accommodate an intelligent average sized human being, unfortunately the old crew on Top Gear did not fall into these parameters, perhaps that could be why they were replaced. I might give the New Top Gear a chance, now that the hosts have been replaced! No I'm Definitely NOT Interested in selling either vehicle. Someday, I have no doubt - that in time, the Lexus SC 430 will end up being considered another, award winning, iconic, classic convertible automobile.

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The lexus sc400 and sc430 are the best cars I have. These cars are timeless and the engines are very dependable. Sc400 over 230,000 miles with no problems. 2007 sc 430 45,000 miles no problems. These cars are are great.

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I bought a 2002 SC430 brand new in 2001 and it is the best car I have ever owned. It was pricey...over $62,000, but it has never cost me a dime in repairs. Everything works like new and the retractable hardtop is still the best ever designed. You can put the top up/down in seconds at a stoplight without leaving the drivers seat. Sadly I have to sell or trade it because I am getting a new car and already have 5 vehicles. I won't get much on a new car trade so selling it may be a better option. It is pristine and I have put only around 5,000 miles per year on this car. It is Awesome. Whoever said this was not a great car is looking at different criteria than most people. Larry Million 330-265-3135

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I've had them all. Most solid car of all. Best overall car I've ever owned. Bought it new in 2003. Still have it.

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I love my 2004 SC430. I have had absolutely no problems with it other than the usual maintenance. I don't know why they would say its the worst car. It drives great and is very reliable plus it looks great.

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I have a 2005 SC 430 with 24,000 miles. I bought it in 2008 with 9,700 miles. I hate to hear criticism on this car. I think it’s beautifully designed inside and out!!! I have no idea how anyone can refer to this car as ugly?? I think it will begin to increase in value very soon. I was told by the Lexus Dealer that there’s currently a real demand for this car.

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My beloved 2002 SC 430 was squashed by a tree last year and I managed to find a gem, 2010 SC. What I think is the difference is so subtle it's hard to describe but there is a difference in road feel because of tires (run Flats), perhaps sharper brakes. Love the turn signals in the mirror, the radio layout controls sans equalizer blows, but otherwise, it has XM too now. Baiscally, no other seeming to jump out at you change. The thing that stayed the same, I adore this car. As peppy quick as my (crummy) 427 vette was and nimble as my old little ego booster 280SL Benz (L-e-m-o-n)...Btw, ALL the 17 yrs I had the 2002, it was basically trouble free. A mostly pleasure to own and drive. Heads still turn and there's ALWAYS, EVERYDAY, a compliment! (I do have 10 coats of wax on it and the guys at the Lexus dealership MUST wear white cotton gloves )

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the best car I have ever owned. period.

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Thanks top gear for making the best car in the world afforable for me , my wife and i absolutely love our 2009 Sc430 , and by the way just food for thought the poms made the worst 4x4 in the world , you know the one that turned ordinary people that love the outdoors into instant mechanics and the E type Jag you know the one you can get into but can't get out of the bloody thing , Like someone already stated all of the above is probably true , but unless you own one and drive one you would never understand

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I own a 2007 SC430. It’t the best car to own, to drive and to be proud of:

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I own a LS430 that I've discovered is one of the best cars ever made. Extremely comfortable, rarely needs anything except gas, tires and normal maintenance and is an absolute pleasure to drive. That said, I decided to buy a used 2006 SC430 based on my experience with the LS. (Don't think there is a better engine than the lexus 430). Wow! That was the right decision. It does feel sportier. You can feel the road more but there are no jolting bumps like other sports cars I've owned. (Miata, Benz SLK230) The SC430 sticks to the road better compared to the LS at higher speeds. The Sc feels like it grabs the road even at over 100mph It is truly fun to drive. The convertible enhances the experience in the mountains and around town and the car is very quiet with it up. I didn't think you could improve the sound in the LS but the SC is better. Even has a subwoofer. At least it sounds like it. If I want to take a lot of luggage, I use the LS. It has a very big trunk and lots of room for passengers in the back seat. The LS back seat is just as big as seating in the front. If I want a quicker lighter ride, the SC is enthusiastically chosen. I find it very hard to believe a few idiots reviewed this car as the worst. I'm thinking someone paid them to do it. While leaving a store parking lot the other day I heard a woman tell another that once you've owned a Lexus, you wouldn't buy anything else. Indeed! I couldn't agree more. Even a used one.

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I have a 2003 with 53,000 miles and for 3 years and 15000 miles have made no repairs. I changed the oil, upgraded the tires to P3's, upgraded the speakers and loved every second of driving it. Stupidly quick, absurdly adept in handling and ridiculously quiet with the hardtop in place. By the way, it's average fuel economy for me is between 17 and 19 mpg in spirited mixed driving. Jeremy Clarkson is an idiot who's comments about this model car I ignored pre-purchase as he's vacuous and his judgement in my opinion is worthless as he's not even smart enough to remain employable on the BBC anymore over a quibble over lunch. Moron.

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Can anyone tell me how comfortable it would be for a male driver 6' 280 lbs? I have a BMW 650i . . comfort and drive exceptional. Wife wants a second car, but want to make sure it's something that is suitable for me, too.

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I'm 225lbs and 6'2"and I think it's the most comfortable car to drive although getting out of it is a different proposition but I'm also 72 years old , wouldn't trade our SC430 for anything

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Absolutely love my 2002 sc430. Bought it used. Great quality car and smooth ride. Just turned 100,000 miles. Fun car.

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I just bought a 2008 SC430 with 36,000 miles! I absolutely love the car. Been wanting one for at least 6 years. Wow, so sexy and fast. Pearl white with tan interior. It’s like a sculpture cruising down the road. My second Lexus. I used to own a 1992 LS400 which I loved as well. #hmbvibe

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I owned a 2007 LS 430 for ten years and I have to say it was the best car I have ever owned That is why I am now looking to purchase a SC430.They do not make cars like this any more!! Mark Grodin.....mark.grodin123@cox.net or 7027681915

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I have an ‘07 SC430 an it’s an outstanding car, there used to be an ad for either Buick or Olds and all it said was “ask someone who owns one”! I own a lot of cars including eight corvettes, I love cars and this little SC430 is one of my favorites as well as one of the best built cars I’ve ever owned!

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I owned a 2002 and 2004 lexus sc430 i loved them. never gave me a problem, enjoyed them alot , my wife was in love with it. so now i decided to get 2008 sc430 , very reliable cars,

all my family drive nothing but lexuses, they make good cars , i owned few of them, we are all happy ,less headache, reliable cars..

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