The 2017 Honda CRV has no CD player. What are the altenratives?. Aftermarket CD players, flash drive?.ipod?kr>

Asked by Mar 29, 2017 at 06:19 PM about the 2017 Honda CR-V

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Will there be an aftermarket CD player on the market soon?

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welcome to the new world, pilgrim.. you may me able to connect a portable cd player through the AUX or the USB ??

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You can connect a CD player with an FM radio adapter. You tune the stereo in to a specific frequency and the adapter broadcasts the CD to your radio,

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I downloaded all of my CDs to a memory stick. It took about an hour to download 25 CDs and I have more flexibility now than when I did with my old car's CD player. All the CD contents come up on the display and I can now choose which songs I want to hear.

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How do you download your cds to a memory stick

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You need a computer with a CD disk drive to load songs onto a memory stick.

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I was minutes away from owning a 2017 crv when finding out no CD player, I've since found out Toyota is advertising they still have CD players, not really a fan of Toyota but I can't live without a CD player. I tried not listening to my CD's this week, never again

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I was very disappointed that the crv did not have a cd player. Found out that equinox also doesn't have a cd player. Their loss. Seems they forgot the older generation.

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Very disappointed the CR-V does not have a CD player! For the price tag this vehicle has on it it should have a CD player for those of us who don't want to go through the hassle of downloading all the CDs they have collected over the years bad move Honda! If I had of known this I would not have purchased it!

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I just purchased a 2017 CRV and never even thought to ask if it had a CD player. My wife plays books on tape every minute that she is in the car and a must have on long trips. The CRV has every option except the one my wife uses the most. I called the sales person and he said I was the first person to complain. That may be because they knew about no CD and purchased something else. You think I was asking for an 8 track player! I think Honda really made a mistake.

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I was told no. I don't use my phone for anything but phone calls. I can't afford unlimited GB. Don't have a computer, but I do have a ton of awesome CDs

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Honda doesn't even offer an optional CD even if you're willing to pay extra! And to top it off, these fools eliminated the aux input! I called Honda for advice and they had none. I'll offer some advice, though......but from another company who understands and cares their customer base!

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I was about to purchase the new 2018 Honda Pilot. When I found out that they no longer have a CD player I changed my mind. Honda has lost me as a customer. I was always a big fan of Honda but because they don't come with a CD player anymore I am looking at other options like the toyota Highlander, Nissan pathfinder or even a BMW which still all come with with a CD player. Honda is doing this because they want to save money and be cheap. Shame on you Honda. CDs are still in. Both the new and old generation still use CDs. Alot of people don't even realize that the new Honda's don't come with a cd player until after they purchase them and then regret it.

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I was absolutely SHOCKED when I piled into my new 2018 CRV with my CDs and found out there was not CD Player. What the flip mode Honda. I honestly WOULD NOT have bought the CRV knowing this. I am really not liking this; and to add insult to injury, they don't even offer an aftermarket CD player. What happened to choices Honda??

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I am also planning to buy a new CRV. But finding that it does not have a CD player, I am doubting whether I should buy it. I as always listens to audio books while driving. I cant afford to not utilize the time listening to audio books. Without CD player, I am ot not going to buy Honda CRV. They are going to loose me a s a customer forever.

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It's surprising that so many people seem to be unaware of, or uninterested in, how easy it is to transfer CDs to a memory stick. Ask any high schooler to do it for you. There's no need to reject an entire outstanding vehicle because it no longer offers an almost obsolete medium. Thumb drives are much more robust, much smaller, and much easier to navigate through the big screen.

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Is there a place to plug the thumb drive in? So that the music you downloaded from CDs to a thumb drive can be played?

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Yes, in the center console there are two USB2 sockets, which can be used for charging, and one of them is also for thumb drives or smartphone integration (such as Android Auto).

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My wife got her new 2017 Hyundai Elantra Limited home very excited to have a car with so many features. That was--until she discovered it did not have a CD player. Car manufacturers marketing folks not having more peripheral vision than driven by what’s happening now makes for a very narrow point of view. Assuming that ‘everyone’ now has a smart phone and gladly wants to use their data minutes to listen to their favorite internet provided music is a bit presumptuous. Books on CDs are STILL very available from many local libraries. They make long drives go quite quickly. Daily commutes as well. Folks even still outright buy books on CD. Unlike ripping music from a CD to the very modern memory stick, ripping a book requires that the chapters actually come out in order. This can be done –with even more wasting of time (in the name of modern tech, of course). Our solution: purchase a portable CD player, power it from the car’s 12-v outlet, plug the output into the AUX connector. Continuing to install CD players would have served a wider swath of the driving public, made for happier customers, taken advantage of something already developed.

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I am 73. have over 300 cds. not comp savy. now I have to hire someone to down load my music on a stick. if I could afford to change my new car I would!!!!!!!!! don't even like to drive now. good going honda.

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do some research and vote with your wallet, let the manufacturer know, no CD no sale

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One alternative that doesn't require ripping to thumb drive would be a car CD changer. Here's one I found on eBay. It would require pro installation if you wanted to hide it, but it uses the USB jack in the center console to get into the audio system, so it might just slip under a seat. It might be worth the trouble it if you're trying to play 300 CDs in your car. I agree -- an option like this should be available from Honda, but it would probably cost a few hundred extra. I should think spending that money hiring someone to rip your CD collection would pay off in a lot of other ways, since you could store all your CDs on one thumb drive nowadays (fits in your shirt pocket; lose it in the couch cushions). I'd recommend putting smaller collections on a few separate thumb drives, though. I'm 72, and I've had all my 1,000 CDs ripped, so now I can play them in lots of different equipment, from phones to home theater. I have a WD disc plugged into my LAN, and I can access it from any browser (using a password). So I can even play my obscure favorites (Tom Lehrer anyone?) on other people's devices. There are probably also other CD players that can be wired into the 2017-2019 head unit, but your best bet would be to check with a qualified car audio installer. I checked Crutchfield, but no luck. If you called them, though, they might know of something they don't happen to carry. Good luck! Allen

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In lieu of a CD player or thumb drives, it's probably worth noting that USB audio input adapters are available for a few bucks. I don't know if they can be used in the CRV smart USB jack, but for about $5 it's worth a test. If I can find some time in the next few days (after the holiday) I'll get one and test it. Essentially, it looks like a plug adapter with an AUX input with USB output. If it works, Honda should toss one in the glove compartment.... Also, anything that can transmit via Bluetooth can become an audio source for the CRV, so a work-around might be any old portable CD player with a Bluetooth adapter on the output.

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I have a fantastic sounding stereo in my 2008 car......cds sound great. Is the sound the same if you download cds to a memory stick? I don't want to sacrifice on this issue.

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Short answer: A memory stick will sound just as good (possibly better) than a CD. Long answer: The music on a CD is inherently digital (although some CDs are designed for "music CD" players, while others, called CDROMs, are designed for computers to read/write on). Most CD players nowadays can play either kind. A Music CD contains digital recordings stored at a high audio quality. A CDROM can store any computer file, including music files that might be high quality or not so high quality compressed MP3 files. A memory stick, in this context, is essentially like a CDROM -- it can store any kind of computer file, including very high quality audio (better even than a Music CD), or a vast number of MP3 music files. Since MP3 files are compressed, their sound quality will depend on how much compression was applied when they were processed. MP3 files may sound almost as good as Music CD tracks, or they may sound like they're being played under water. So if you have a collection of Music CDs, and you "rip" them without compressing them into MP3 format, and store those files on a memory stick, they will sound EXACTLY as good as when they were on the Music CD. Hope this helps!

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I bought a CD player that transmits via bluetooth. 2017 CRV can't connect with it. I am very unhappy with Honda. This is my second CRV and now last. never realized this would be an issue. And we did so much research on everything else!

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I have over 8,000 CD's (mostly classical music and jazz)and do NOT want to choose what to listen to until I want to listen to it, and the sequence varies from time to time. Any suggestions?

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I envy your collection! I have a few thousand, but they're already ripped losslessly and stored on a media server at home (and in the cloud -- I don't want to rip them again!). For the car, there are really quite a lot of these CDs that I won't ever play, so my realistic set is a little under 1,000 CDs, which fits nicely onto 1 TB. I haven't yet tried running an SSD on the data USB jack in my 2018 CRV, but I suspect it will work, since I can access the SSD on my Samsung Note8. I hope to test that in a few weeks. There is a downside to having more than a few hundred GB of tracks online in the car, however. Unfortunately, the Android processor in the head unit takes a bit of time to collect a list of all the available tracks. It may also have a RAM limitation, but so far, with 128GB thumb drives, I don't think I've hit any RAM limits. With 1000GB+ it seems likely (although it would still only occupy a few MB). More significantly, the overall startup time for the head unit gets longer and longer with larger and larger USB drives (thumb or SSD). My fear is that with drives in the terabyte range, it may take so long you'd arrive before the list is ready. That said, I would think any large collection of discs is already categorized, so hopefully it wouldn't be too onerous to break it down into, say, 256GB chunks by genre or century, etc. That's the approach I'll be taking, EVEN IF the USB port works nicely with my 1TB portable collection. Another factor is simply that the GUI is unwieldy with such large lists of tracks, so even if they're all there, it could be fairly tedious to find one track in roughly 100,000 by tapping and dragging. OTOH, the GUI does reasonably well with nested folders, so it might be workable, although again, lots of organization would be required. Hope this helps... I'll post results after I get some time to do more experiments with large storage. Allen

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Honda definitely didn't do their research very well. If they'd have taken the time to conduct a poll, I believe that many would have responded affirmatively in regards to a cd player for their CR-V.


I am in the market for a new vehicle and when I took a test drive in the 2018 Honda CRV and the salesmen said there is no CD, Honda blew it! My wife wants a Subaru instead that has one. We have lots of CD'S and don't want to play around with downloading, there is a whole baby boomer generation out there that still likes CD'S. Tom

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We bought a USB CD player from College Hills Honda in Ohio for our 2018 CRV EX. You plug it in and it works! Controlled through the 7 inch display screen on the dashboard. It is $349 but worth every penny.

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Great! Thanks for your post. You plug it into one of the USB ports, right? May I ask What brand is it? Can I get it NOT through a Honda dealer?


You can get the College Hills CD player mentioned above direct from China via eBay for $65. Here's the link:

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My 2017 Honda CRV is the turbo model, does that matter?


Works fine with turbo.

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